I got a norns. I have some free time now so I'm going to be spending some time writing programs for it.

I've been enjoying owning a Zoom G1on -- a cheap, battery-powered multi-effects pedal with 24-bit audio, amplifier emulation, and headphones out. I find the graphic interface of the G1on really inspiring from a design perspective -- it's minimal, but it's much easier to use than, for example, the Mod Devices software. Most operations only take the two buttons and the single encoder, and the effects pedals have cute pixel art.

The norns isn't necessarily the easiest device to use with a guitar, but an insightful post on the lines forum made me realize that cheap guitar graphic equalizers have enough gain to be portable, battery-powered preamps. So, I've decided to write a similar interface on norns.

Norns uses supercollider, so eventually I'll be able to port or borrow the sc built-in effects wholesale. But right now I'm mainly interested in the interface; once I've got that working in a compelling way I'll get the audio plumbing set up.

So here's what I have after my first day of norns development: an interface to scroll across a virtual pedal chain, individually enable/disable them, and delete them.

Here's the (very work-in-progress) matron code, complete.